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Glastonbury 2017

Posted in - Uncategorized on February 1st 2018 0 Comments Glasto

With no Glasto in 2018, everyone came together to make darn sure people would still be talking about 2017 for years to come. It’s tough to describe Glastonbury to anyone that’s never been, since it’s more than a festival – it’s an experience. A 100 hour audio visual assault with so much to see and do that you couldn’t possibly hope to see everything in a single visit. Secret parties, solstice at the stone circle, a stage for every type of music that exists. Open mic, comedy tents, market stalls, food traders, pubs, clubs, raves. It’s a festival so big that its population rivals most towns. We’re going to miss you this year, Glastonbury but we’ll see your sexy self in 2019.

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